OpLogix Verify reduces the occurrence of incorrect implant selection by reading implant barcode labels and verifying compatibility in accordance with manufacturer rules. The module assesses the rules associated with each device to ensure that it is compatible with the procedure and other parts, checks for part expiration, and displays manufacturers’ messages or product recall alerts. To ensure accurate recording and increase nurse efficiency, OpLogix Verify can transmit implant information to the EMR and materials management systems.


Improves quality by correctly identifying implant devices during surgery.

Reduces costs associated with implant wastage by ensuring the right implants are selected.

Increases efficiency by saving time associated with implant selection.

Improves accountability by reducing the reliance on manufacturer representatives for proper implant selection and compatibility.

Protects your reputation by reducing the likelihood of litigation costs, regulatory remedies, indemnity payments and potential negative consequences of a “never event.”


Operating Room Interface

OpLogix Verify offers an intuitive interface that is designed to enhance the implant verification process during surgical procedures.

Implant Data Capture

OpLogix Verify can parse the barcodes of all major manufacturers’ medical devices, so they can be scanned by the surgical nurse. This provides simple and accurate data capture.

Implant Verification

OpLogix Verify uses the patented Orthosecure© rules engine to verify the compatibility of each implant and check for expiration and recalls.

Data Transmission

OpLogix Verify transmits implant information to EMR and materials management systems, saving time and increasing the accuracy of your hospital-wide data.