OpLogix Supply dramatically increases the ability of hospitals to manage their supply of consigned implants. OpLogix Supply™ facilitates the “bill and replace” consignment model, and increases visibility into implant supply to help ensure that the correct parts are available for surgery.


Ensures availability of correct parts so surgeries are not delayed or rescheduled, and surgeons do not need to compromise on their implant selection.

Improves efficiency by automatically transmitting “bill and replace” purchase order requests to procurement, and streamlining the receipt of new inventory.

Increases insight and transparency by tracking supply levels for all consigned implants.


Manage Implant Supply

OpLogix Supply provides the ability to maintain the supply levels of consigned inventory, including implant reorder level rules.

Procurement Requests

When an implant is consumed using OpLogix Verify, a procurement request is transmitted to OpLogix Supply, then sent to procurement which initiates the “bill and replace” process by providing purchase order number. After an implant reorder has been confirmed, the replenishment order is moved to the Implant Receiving Queue.

Implant Receiving

OpLogix Supply allows Implant Supply staff to view pending implant deliveries and to update the delivery status and implant supply balance once the delivery is received.