OpLogix Prepare dramatically increases the efficiency of planning and selecting implants for joint replacement surgery. OpLogix Prepare increases visibility into implant demand to help ensure that the correct parts are available for surgery, and that they are efficiently delivered to the operating room.


Ensures availability of correct parts so surgeries are not delayed or rescheduled, and surgeons do not need to compromise on their implant selection.

Reduces inventory levels by gaining greater insight into forecasted demand and actual usage.

Improves efficiency by streamlining the implant ordering and selection process immediately prior to surgery.

Increases transparency and insight by providing dashboards and reporting capabilities.


Surgeon Preferences

OpLogix Prepare provides the ability to maintain surgeon implant preferences to streamline the implant ordering process.

Maintain Surgeries Schedule

OpLogix Prepare maintains a schedule of upcoming surgeries that can be created manually or imported from an EMR system. The schedule is easily accessible by surgeon and staff, and contains information such as procedure type, implant system(s), laterality, and templated sizes that can be used to facilitate the implant ordering process.

Implant Ordering

OpLogix Prepare combines surgeon preferences, OpLogix rules, and procedure information to guide the surgeon or staff through an easy-to-use interface to select implants for upcoming surgeries. After implants have been selected and confirmed, the case is moved to the Implant Delivery Queue.

Implant Delivery

OpLogix Prepare allows Implant Supply staff to view upcoming surgeries and select a procedure from the Implant Delivery Queue. From there, staff can print the associated Implant Order Form, which lists the implants that must be picked from implant supply and delivered to the operating room.


OpLogix Prepare allows Implant Supply room personnel to mark a case as “complete”when unused implants are returned to the implant supply room.