OpLogix is the reporting and data analytics engine in the OpLogix™ suite. It provides hospital administration and surgical staff with viewing and reporting functionality on implants ordered for upcoming surgeries, implants that are currently being delivered to the operating room, implants that have been consumed in surgery, any implant exceptions that might have occurred during surgery, and comparison of ordered versus consumed implants at any given time.


Supports surgical staff with selection by predicting part preference and usage volume.

Enhances quality by ensuring preparedness and accuracy during a scheduled procedure, and providing reporting on implant exceptions.

Saves money by understanding typical inventory needs and reducing unnecessary or over-ordering.

Offers accuracy by fostering closed-loop communication before, during and after surgery.

Provides peace-of-mind to surgeons, hospitals and patients by knowing that implants have been indisputably verified.


Real-Time Dashboard

OpLogix Analyze provides a built-in dashboard that displays upcoming and in-process surgeries, implant levels, implant exceptions, and product usage.

Detailed Reporting

OpLogix Analyze provides detailed reports on procedure history, implant exception history, product usage, implant levels, and more.