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OrthoSecure changes name to OpLogix, launches implant management technology — 4 things to know

OrthoSecure changed its corporate name to OpLogix, and launched its implant management suite technology.

Here are four things to know:

1. OrthoSecure is a patented rules engine.

2. The implant management suite makes sure the correct medical devices are available, ready and selected during hip and knee implant surgeries.

3. Orthopedic surgeon Steven Haas, MD, and Michael Roe created the technology, which consists of ‘Prepare,’ ‘Verify,’ ‘Supply’ and ‘Analyze’ modules. The modules offer services such as scheduling, availability, confirmation, procurement, ordering and reporting.

4. OpLogix’s software aims to minimize the likelihood of litigation costs, regulatory remedies, indemnity payments and sentinel events’ possible negative repercussions.

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